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JUNKCARFORCASHNJ.COM is considering using Bing/Yahoo pay per click

Not getting enough cash for junk cars in NJ to buy? No.

It’s been a super slow two weeks since we believe we were the victims of the penguin refresh. The site had 10 #1 google listings:

junk car for cash nj,  cash for junk cars nj,  junk cars for cash nj, cash for junk car in nj are just a few examples.

We also had # 1 ranks for google places listings.  Things were great. Then all of a sudden the refresh hit us. The phone stopped ringing that day. I remember it was a Saturday the 5th of October.

We are now back to being partners or should I say slaves of BIG G. Dropping hundreds of dollars a day into the coffers of google. As an internet marketer I have had a few experiences with ppc campaigns. In this niche ppc really sucks. Sellers of junk vehicles are most often from lower income backgrounds and tend to click and call and click and call everyone on the page all day without a clue what the cost may be to the advertiser. And to make things even worse…..the lousy scumbags that are your competition will click you all day too.  In the end after expenses one should be happy if they break even. The only winner in this game is google.


So as I began the title of this blog I will be looking this week into bringing on another partner not as vicious as G. Yahoo/Bing. I estimate their cost per click to be half of what we are paying on G. Who knows how good or bad those leads will be.


Hopefully we will continue to work feverishly on building natural links and writing fresh content to the site daily to regain our rankings and cut down on our partner G’s share. They are honestly making more fuckin money every day off my ppc campaign than I am buying junk cars in NJ at the end of the day. Oh and one more thing Big G fucked my google places listing. ( we were getting alot of traffic here) They had the nerve to call me unannounced and question me about my location as if they were just a random customer. After they asked me a few questions ….I asked are you are you trying to sell a junk car to us? Now the guy says no I’m calling from google. After everything I told him they went in and created erroneous business info for my location. It’s now conflicting with our real google places map listing. Do they have any idea how hard we worked to build authority to that page? Not to mention we went from ranking # 1 to like 7 now and this erroneous listing now takes the place of our real listings’ keywords. And Lastly let me say one more thing……Why does a cash for junk cars nj company that is 50 miles from me show up first position on the map listing and we are #7. What sense does that make?  Wouldn’t it make more sense for a much more local listing to show on top. Besides if I had a junk car that won’t make it around the block why would I want to junk my car for cash 50 miles away.

to be continued………….



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