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Coda Automotive Offering 10,000 Miles Free Fuel to October Buyers

Coda Automotive is known to be the leading electric car company in the world. Coda just announced a new offer exclusively to California Residents. If you go ahead and purchase a 2012 Coda in October, they will give you 10,000 miles of free fuel. That offer is quite impressive in my personal opinion. With gas prices hitting nearly 4 dollars a gallon, investing in a 2012 Coda might save you money in gas expense not to mention the free 10,000 miles of free fuel.

Thomas Hausch, CODA senior vice president of sales, marketing and after sales. “When comparing vehicles, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is critical to consider, along with the purchase price, as it provides a comprehensive view of the bottom line. Once consumers review these factors and in turn, discover the benefits of an EV – including significantly lower maintenance costs, avoiding high gas prices completely, low electricity prices, access to the carpool lane, various tax incentives and more – going electric in today’s climate makes a lot of sense. It makes you think: When has cutting edge technology been more affordable than the ‘old school’ version it replaces soon after its introduction?”
The rebate will be for the new 2012 CODA, the first completely electric five-passenger, compact sedan, possessing full rear seating and large trunk space. It will have a range of at least 88 miles per charge, and up to 125 miles. And the recharge speed looks to be pretty good, at about six hours for a full charge.

With all the tax credits taken into account, the total price in California works out to about $27,250.

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Summarized by: Angel Cruz

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